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Reserve Fund Studies



In Alberta Reserve Fund Studies are required by law every 5 years.  The condominium property act says that this study must be completed by a qualified person or company. 


My services include:


  • Visit site and determine the condition and quantity of all common property.

  • Prepare and submit a report to the client outlining and discussing the common property.  Include recommendations for Reserve Fund contributions based on the findings.

  • Discuss findings with the board and make revisions to the report.



Technical Audits



Technical audits are the detailed inspection of one specific component.  Technical audits can be completed for:

  • Windows

  • Attics

  • Decks/Balconies


Inspection of a determined amount is conducted to review the characteristics of this component and determine any failure or deficiencies. 


Recommendations and costs are included for repair.


Other Services



Document Review - are you buying a condominium and not sure what you should be looking for in the documents?  Do you know which documents you should have?  Documents that should be reviewed include:  meeting minutes, reserve fund study, budget, etc.  I can help.


Education - Board education is the most important thing you can do for your condominium.  Is your board operating within the boundaries of the Condominium Property Act?  I can offer education on many condominium related topics.


Consulting - Sometimes you just need help.  Other consulting services include:  chairing AGM's, etc.

Print & email or fax back for all your proposal needs

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